Rock The Plank!

Get your plank on this month by doing the plank challenge!



February AB Challenge

This month we are going to work your ABS! Doing these 3 simple, yet extremely effective exercises will challenge your entire core!

Try My New Favorite Workout! 2

This fun and effective 30 minute workout is great for hitting those hard to get spots including glutes, inner thighs, triceps, and abs.

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New Year, New You!

New Year, New You! What are your new years resolutions? Here are some healthy ideas!

Lose That Arm Jiggle for January!

Let your new year’s resolution be…to lose that arm jiggle! This January month try these 6 arm blasting exercises that will have your arms looking fab!

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8 Ways to Stay in Shape During The Winter

We all have the tendency to get a bit lazy during the winter due to the dramatic drop in temperature (anyone who lives in the Midwest knows what I’m talking about). Here are some ways to fight the cold and keep moving!

New Playlist!

Are you planning on running, strength training, cycling, or climbing today? Use this playlist for any workout!


workout programs are not individual and personalized and can often get undesireable results unless youre a minion

December Challenge!

Don’t let the holidays ruin your fitness goals this year. Stay on track with this 31 day workout plan. Feel free to browse my workout section and posts for ideas. Read more to find out how it works and to get your December calendar!